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“What happens when you run out of fuel in a hybrid?”

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What happens when you run out of fuel in a hybrid?. Then you let the car run on battery alone. After the battery drains too, what happens next? What happens after you refuel?


First of all pinhead, if you run out of gas on a hybrid card then you really are a pinhead! HELLO, HYBRID DOESNT MEAN GASLESS! Believe it or not this isn’t the first time someone has asked me this question.  What amazes me is that there are actually people out there that not only run out of gas on a hybrid but then have the guts to show the world how stupid they really are.  Do me favor, go tie yourself to a tree and do a little more protesting about the environment but do us all a favor, drive there with your bicycle!

Now for the facts. Hybrids generally don’t let you run down the battery more than about 50%.  So you should have plenty of power to run the starter motor once you fill up with gas.

FYI, you don’t get far on battery alone.  Most Hybrids only have about 5 horsepower-hours of battery capacity.  That is less than an hour of city driving.  Better find a gas station, MORRON!


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