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Low Coolant

February 17, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 


This may be a stupid question, but when my low coolant light comes on in my car, does that mean that i need to add coolant?

The Jerk’s Answer:

No not at all.  Infact why dont you wait until all the coolant runs out of your car and it overheats!  Even better yet you might want to run it out of oil too because if you run out of coolant you will burn up your car anyways so who cares.   There is a reason why they call those light “DUMMY LIGHTS”!  Obviously they need to come out with “SUPER DUMMY LIGHTS”!

Come on people.  When you light comes on that you are almost out of gas do you keep driving until your car stops running or do you go and get gas?  USE YOUR HEAD!!


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