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How do i repair a crack windshield without replacing it?

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How do i repair a crack windshield without replacing it?

I have a small crack in my windshield, but don’t want to pay to have a new one put in just yet, any tips on how to fix the crack for now?

A lot of people who travel the open road come across a chipped or cracked windshield, and being if you’re a daily traveler you never have the time to stop in and get it repaired, or do you want to dish out a lot of money to get it fixed if your insurance won’t pay to fix it for you. One of the simple quick fixes which will only last so long, is to go and purchase clear nail polish, and gently apply it to the begining, middle and end of the areas of the crack on the windshield on the outside only. Do not place it on the inside of your windshield unless the crack is deep in width. Once applied to the outside of the windshield on the cracked area, allow up to 15 minutes for a good drying time. Do not apply it in the rain, and do not wet it before.


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